Feedback from previous clients and creative workshop participants. This is what people are saying about their individual counselling or their experience of either an art therapy workshop or an arts 'n' crafts workshop:

I was quite nervous about the workshop as I believe I was not very creative, but now looking forward to more workshops. Dipa, 8/3/2018


Brilliant time to explore and reconnect with my creative side. DG 8/3/2018


I just really enjoyed the evening it really helped me relax. Annonymous 8/3/2018


I enjoyed the decoupage. SV 8/3/2018


"'Flowers Within' is a fun and interesting workshop that facilitates painting, working with art materials to express thoughts and feelings from the mundane to the deeply felt. 

The process is gentle, exploratory, sensitive enabling participants to express whatever feels good at the time.

It allows room for reflection, learning and you leave feeling elevated and joyful."

Annonymous 21/06/2017


'Easy to learn. Good project. I liked it' SA 08/04/2017


'Thank you for the experience.' AS 01/02/2017


'A great experience, really helpful and an opener to my own life experience right now' Marja 19/06/2016


'I have been on several of Chinar's Creative Art workshops and each one has led me into a more profound understanding of how I view things. Dare I say it, I have much more of an understanding of myself and what is residing in my subconscious, which is responsible for a lot of our behaviour. This awareness is leading me more and more to a much better improvement in mental well-being. Sometimes the insights and discoveries are like plunging into a refreshing blue pool!' It is creative and fun.’ Anonymous 19/06/2016


'I left the room feeling the lightest I have felt in a really long time.' Anonymous 02/02/2016


‘I felt relaxed, safe and at ease talking about what is troubling me.’

Anonymous 16/02/2016


‘A very enjoyable evening.’ Kelly 25/09/2015


‘I quite enjoyed it. Might do it again sometime.’ Vanessa 25/09/2015


‘Thanks for the enjoyable evening.’ Belinda 25/09/2015


'I enjoyed the opportunity to answer questions from the counsellor about my art and what it might mean.' CR 05/11/2014


'I enjoyed the open discussion about our relationship with money & the safe environment to explore what came up.' Anonymous 05/11/2014


'A very interesting workshop & it brought up more than I anticipated.' Anonymous 05/11/2014


'Thanks for your support.' Anonymous 17/09/2014


‘Gradual unfolding of inner stuff – fascinating!’ SG 04/06/2014


‘Creative ways to explore current issues. Group dynamic very supportive’ Anonymous 4/6/2014


‘I thoroughly enjoyed it’ Anonymous 04/06/2014


‘I liked the large array of materials to use and the supportive, empathic environment which Chinar created.’ Claire R 04/06/2014


‘Thanks for all your hard work.’ Mags 04/06/2014